What’s the best broadband in NZ for gaming consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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In this guide to gaming broadband in NZ specifically for gaming consoles we will look at all the factors that impact gaming that are based on your choice of broadband plan in NZ. We will look at the various elements of a broadband connection along with a more specific look at the major gaming consoles. So here is how the principle broadband factors that impact gaming consoles stack up.

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Broadband for console gaming on PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3

To get the best broadband for gaming (particularly online first person shooters, for example, Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Halo et cetera) you ought to consider packet loss, lag, jitter, download speed and upload speed.


What amount of speed do I requirement for online multiplayer gaming?

Data Upload speed

In the event that you truly need to get the most out of web based based games, your data upload speed ought to be to a greater extent a larger worry than your download speed. Data upload speed is an estimation of how much data is passed from your games console to the web, and is estimated in Mb (megabits – every second) – the higher the number, the speedier the data is conveyed.

A decent data upload speed will make onscreen activity immediate. This is vital to keep an eye out for due to the fact that by far most of the broadband plans in NZ offer themselves based on their download speeds, with data upload speeds that are, to be perfectly honest, terrible.

Data Download speed

Download speed demonstrates how much information is sent from the web to your gaming console, and is estimated in Mps just like upload speeds. A high download speed will mean you can download the latest games, patches and downloadable content (DLC) rapidly, however download speed won’t influence the game you are playing itself – unless the speed of your broadband is under 1Mb every second (which no longer really exists in NZ).

Packet loss, jitter and lag are significant, often overlooked, factors

Packet Loss

Packet loss is all the more an issue than latency. This is when pieces of data (called information packets) don’t make it to their goal. Such loss of game play data could prompt your gaming experience to freeze or get stuck, stammer, or from time to time to apparently skip forward. Packet loss is estimated as a percentage, and the lower the figure, the less data you’re losing.


Lag, or latency as it’s additionally known, is the measure of time it takes data to set out from your gaming console to the web and back to your gaming console once more.

Estimated in milliseconds, the lower the estimation the better. Astoundingly low lag will mean your activities in your gaming console feel more prompt and responsive – particularly valuable in first-person shooter games.

The base standard for lag is 100ms and despite the fact that the lion’s share of suppliers claim to fall inside this limit, it will truly rely upon your location. Your lag is reliant on how much wire is between you, the trade, and the distance to the gaming consoles server and back.

Distance is everything, and the individuals who encounter lag – and gripe that the gaming console has been inadequately customized – regularly don’t understand that what they are asking of the computer games developers is inconceivable. Lag is affected by your separation from the server, and the physical law of how quick light can travel. No sharp programming can change that.


Another point to consider when finding the perfect broadband for gaming is your jitter rate. Jitter measures the security of your broadband connection. The lower the jitter rate, the more gamer-accommodating your gaming broadband connection is.

Numerous suppliers in NZ now incorporate jitter buffering with their gaming broadband plans, giving around 20 milliseconds of buffering so your gaming experience can go ahead, though at a cost to the consistency of your lag.


Solid broadband keeps you in the game

While low lag and packet loss are useful for responsive web based gaming, they mean nothing when in the middle of a heated online battle the game server your are playing on throws you out in light of the fact that you’ve lost your gaming broadband connection.

A dropped gaming broadband connection spells destruction for even the most epic of winning streaks and that is the reason a solid gaming broadband plan can have a significant effect on internet gaming.

Dropped connections

While looking for a dependable gaming broadband provider, you need one that exhibits a good predetermined number of day by day disturbances in connection, and a supplier that is happy to share this information – i.e. one that drops it’s connection minimally everyday – and that in case of an interruption is can resolve the issue rapidly.

Broadband providers don’t have a tendency to publicize this kind of data, however you may be able to get this information from independent government researchers such as Ofcom.


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Broadband Specifics for each Console

Specifics for PlayStation 4

PS4 Share work

The PS4 has a component that permits your PSN companions to play online with you, regardless of whether they don’t own the game you’re both playing. This is called Share Play and requires a greater amount of your broadband plan’s upload speed than your other typical web based gaming, as the games owner and host is sending more data over the web.

There are discussions over what the base required transfer speed for facilitating a Share Play game online is; 2Mb is asserted to be just about sufficient, however the speedier your data upload speed, the better experience you and the remote player will have.

PlayStation TV

The PlayStation TV is a little box which enables you to play all your most loved PS4 computer games on an alternative screen. It likewise enables you to download PS Vita games and exemplary PS one classics specifically to your TV. The PlayStation TV links with your remote system to get to both the web and your PS4.

To get the best gaming experience we recommend that you utilize a Ethernet cable and connect to your broadband router instead of connecting via WiFi, yet in the event that this isn’t conceivable, ensure your console and TV is as near your WiFi router/modem as you can get it, and limit the quantity of gadgets that interface with your home’s WiFi (such as microwaves and mobile phones) when being used.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now enables you to stream amusements from the web to your PS3, PS4, PS Vita, PS TV or a good Sony TV for a membership fee. Since it includes spilling recreations specifically, you’ll require a stable download speed of more than 5Mbps, and a gaming broadband plan that has the most reduced ping rate conceivable.


Specifics for Xbox One

Xbox One as a DVR

The Xbox one can manage all your entertainment requirements, for example, streaming films, downloading TV shows and getting apps like Netflix. You can even connect your set best box to your TV and watch domestic NZ TV channels in New Zealand.

Utilizing your Xbox along these lines will put all the more a strain on your gaming broadband plan, particularly as the Xbox One’s ‘Snap’ feature enables you to have two different things showing on your TV at the same time (say the footy and COD on a split screen).

Xbox One for Skype

The Xbox One enables you to video bring your friends together over Skype, which is coordinated with the Xbox One’s support for video calls. Skype video calls can be snapped to the side of the screen, enabling you to call individuals and play your favorite game in the same time.

Skype, combined with internet gaming, will put additional requests on your data upload speed, which is prescribed to be 1.5Mb in the event that you want to view the person you are calling in top quality HD. Personally I don’t think 1.5Mb is anywhere near enought of an upload speed for both to work seamlessly.

The Xbox One can stay on the web

The Xbox One can stay (and often is) connected with the web consistently, notwithstanding when it’s not being utilized, which enables it to download gaming extras, patches and updates out of sight and overnight. This is helpful, yet it can hinder different exercises on different gadgets running in the meantime, for example, reduce the quality of a Netflix show you are streaming at the same time. On the off chance that it turns into an issue, you can change the gaming console settings so that it only accesses the internet for updates and what not when you allow it.

Microsoft has said that a client will require no less than a 1.5Mb connection speed to get the best entertainment experience out of their consoles, however that is extremely a flat out least, particularly in the event that you need to download games and extra gaming content. Again we would personally recommend you get a much better broadband plan with a connection of no less than 17Mb in the event that you need to utilize the Xbox to its full – or quicker on the off chance that you can get it.


PlayStation 4 and Xbox One broadband gaming FAQ

What is traffic management?

One hindrance for console gaming is that numerous broadband providers rate internet gaming as a low need action, referring to gaming as a trigger for traffic management (where your broadband speed is incidentally capped at peak usage times – this doesn’t come as too much of a suprises given that PS4 and Xbox One game downloads use up to 60GB).

Therefore, you ought to pick a gaming broadband plan that doesn’t have a traffic management approach or, if that is unavoidable, set aside a few of your downloads at off-peak hours, which as a rule is around evening time.

Is using an Ethernet cable superior to WiFi?

On the off chance that you can, connect your PS4 or Xbox One to your router/modem with an Ethernet cable you definitely should do so. In spite of the fact that it is not generally convenient, a physical Ethernet connection is the fastest and most dependable method for getting your console and games to perform on the web. Coming up short that, you can remotely connect with the router, however this may give you a less steady broadband WiFi connection.

Will a wireless extender enhance my broadband experience?

On the off chance that you need the best web connection possible and are not willing to loose the slightest speed, yet your PlayStation or Xbox is too far from your wireless router to run an Ethernet cable, then a wireless extender, for example, a Powerline connector, could be an answer. These are basically two adapters that plugin into a power socket in the house. They amazingly use the houses electric wiring to pass internet data anywhere from where one adapter is plugged in to the other. You connect to each individual adapter using an Ethernet cable.

Would I be able to play web based games on my console on a mobile hotspot?

In theory you can but given all the points we have discussed above regarding lag, packet loss jitter and the general need for good download and upload speeds we wouldn’t recommend it. Stick with a great gaming broadband plan like that of MyRepublic or Orcon and save yourself the heart ache of your game cutting out or getting booted off servers. In the event you have no choice Skinny offer a great broadband plan in NZ that uses the 4G mobile network but on a proper router.

What speed will I have to stream my screen while I’m gaming?

Both the Xbox One and PS4 let you livestream while you are gaming over sites like Twitch and or the PlayStation specific Ustream, enabling others to watch what you’re doing as it happens. Like the PS4’s Share work, utilizing Twitch requires a base transfer speed from your broadband to ensure your video plays easily.

The required speed for transferring to Twitch is around 1Mbps, but if you want a more reliable connection, or want to stream in HD, around 3-4Mb should be sufficient.



In conclusion all gaming in NZ whether it is on any version of the PlayStation, Xbox or indeed even a computer is impacted by the same things when it comes to broadband. These are the usual download and upload speeds along with latency, packet loss and jitter, there are more specific console considerations but these are not a major factor and should not be an issue if you select the right broadband package. To compare broadband with myCompare click here.