The NZ Guide on Broadband for Gamers

By February 8, 2018Broadband

If you’re a sharp web based gamer there’s no doubt you’ll know exactly how much your web connection and speed influences your gaming experience. Some days it can be impeccable; others it couldn’t be all the more disappointing. In this guide find out how to pick the best gaming broadband plan, some of the specialized factors that influence your gaming experience, and how to capitalize on every one of the additional items that your ISP brings to the table. With regards to on the web, focused, multiplayer gaming, picking the right broadband bundle can be the difference between being happily perch at the top or grieving at the bottom of the leader-boards.

In the event that you play on a Xbox or PlayStation, a PC or Mac, or on a telephone or a convenient comfort, here’s the manner by which to pick the privilege broadband bundle to guarantee that it’s you who has the preferred standpoint.


What makes a decent broadband plan for Gaming?

It’s not just about connection speed – low ping is similarly as imperative. The two variables are essentially influenced by the broadband supplier.

The right broadband bundle can stop the lags and freezing that make your online gaming experience annoying.

Regardless of whether you’re playing retro works of art, or something with 3D designs right out of a motion picture, adventuring alone or as a major part of a Huge Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, this gaming broadband  guide for gamers can help.

Here we investigate the distinction speeds, download restrictions and even equipment available to gamers, and in addition the top supplier offering the best broadband gaming plan at the present time.


MyRepublic tops the leader board for best gaming ISP

To get the edge in web based gaming, your broadband connection needs to be both responsive and solid with a sufficiently quick connection of upload and download speeds to make refreshes, gameplay sharing and streaming keep running with ideal effectiveness.

Regardless of whether it be on a PC or console, the larger part of broadband suppliers are very much prepared for gaming purposes, yet it’s MyRepublic that reliably positions the most astounding network over key performance measurements in New Zealand, including peak time latency, packet loss and connection stability.

Get MyRepublic Broadband

However, MyRepublic’s top spot is closely contested, with contenders like Orcon and Slingshot putting in at a nearby second and third in numerous occurrences, and that is the reason we’ve assembled all the data you have to pick the best broadband supplier accessible to you. You can compare broadband here.

Number 1 in New Zealand for average download rates*

*Based on Steam average download rates, correct as at 4 January 2018.

Network Average Download Rate Steam Ranking
MyRepublic 64.1 Mbps Number 1
2degrees Broadband 34.5 Mbps Number 2
Bigpipe 31.7 Mbps Number 3
NOW New Zealand 29.6 Mbps Number 4
Two Degrees Mobile limited 28.9 Mbps Number 5
Vodafone New Zealand 27.5 Mbps Number 6
Spark New Zealand 25.5 Mbps Number 7
TrustPower 23.2 Mbps Number 8
Call Plus Services Liimited 20.4 Mbps Number 9
Flip Services Limited 9.4 Mbps Number 10


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What to look for

In case you’re anticipating utilizing your broadband service for gaming in NZ, you should ensure your bundle furnishes you with all that you require. Regardless of whether you’re playing on a console or a PC, here are a few things to pay special mind to when picking gaming broadband in New Zealand.

Speed — Although speed isn’t the most essential factor, it’s safe to say that quicker is constantly better. Particularly if there are others in your family household that will be using the broadband at the  same time.

No Data Caps — With the increase in popularity of downloadable content (DLC), alongside full game downloads and console software updates you require a broadband connection any data limits.

Low latency and packet loss — For the most ideal gaming broadband performance search for a broadband connection with low latency — for responsiveness — and parcel misfortune — for smoothness.

No traffic restrictions — A supplier that empowers you to play at full speed at any time of the day is frequently the best choice.

A top spec router — If you’re playing on a wireless broadband connection then you will require a router that gives you the best speed, security and range.

Unwavering quality and solid technical support — You don’t need a supplier with downtime issues or with a technical support group that are incapable or are just not there for you when you need them.

Low contention ratio — The number of users sharing the same bandwidth as you at the same time is represented by the contention ratio. The lower the contention ratio, the better execution you will get. This ordinarily isn’t inside your control, yet might be offered on some full fiber-to-the-home gaming broadband plans.


How fast does your gaming broadband need to be?

Speed isn’t the most vital factor to consider while picking a broadband plan for gaming.

Speed prerequisites for web based gaming are low. Xbox Live, for instance, prescribes download and transfer velocities of 3Mb and 0.5Mb separately, which ought to be easily secured in New Zealand by every broadband plan unless you’re sufficiently unfortunate to live a long way from your local exchange or street cabinet.

This isn’t to imply that there are no advantages to a faster gaming broadband plan. Huge download speeds are can be an important part of the internet gaming experience. Full diversion downloads through Steam or console firmware updates can keep running into a few gigabytes of data. The speedier your gaming broadband connection, the snappier the downloads will wrap up.

Additionally, utilizing HD TV administrations like Netflix require quick speeds, as do streaming applications like Twitch. Also, in the event that you have a large family or you are a big group of friends in a house you will require a sufficiently quick connection to satisfy them all.


What specialized elements can influence gaming broadband performance?

There are a few vital components that can majorly affect your web based gaming experience.



In basic terms, Latency is the measure of time it takes for an information exchange or download to begin, which in time-basic applications can be similarly as imperative as the time taken to download information once the exchange has started.

In gaming, this may be the deferral between you squeezing a catch on your controller, and the aftereffects of that catch press being seen. Regardless of whether you’re dishing out punishment in FIFA, or assaulting a foe in Call of Duty, quick responses are essential. Latency influences the responsiveness of a game, and falsely builds your response time.

Latency is estimated in milliseconds, and anything more than 150ms can possibly cause issues when gaming. In a perfect world, the latency on your gaming broadband connection will be as low as could be allowed. Under 50ms ought not be recognizable, and under 20ms is viewed as superb.

Luckily, NZ broadband suppliers seem, by all accounts, to be ready to convey low dormancy. A review demonstrated that dormancy on the ADSL2+ systems of five noteworthy suppliers was near or lower than 30ms. On superfast (30Mb and quicker) bundles from MyRepublic, Spark, Orcon, Slingshot and Virgin Media inertness was routinely near or lower than 20ms.


Packet Loss

In some cases information gets lost or disposed of when setting out to or from a server. This is called Packet Loss. An indication of packet loss is the point at which an online game stops or stammers. While a little sum is unavoidable (and frequently to a great extent intangible), abnormal states can render an online game unplayable.

Packet Loss is estimated as a level of information parcels that get lost. Similarly as with dormancy, you need as low a number as could be expected under the circumstances.



Jitter is an estimation of the rate that inertness changes. Estimated in milliseconds, a high jitter rate demonstrates a less steady gaming broadband connection. A low rate, normally beneath 20ms, is better for web based gaming in NZ.


Traffic Restrictions

Traffic Restrictions (which can often also be called traffic management) happens when a broadband supplier controls activity to organize (or punish) information from particular applications (eg video, or P2P document sharing).

When all is said in done terms an extensive supplier that has put resources into limit and has no movement administration is ideal. Spending suppliers regularly frequently have less limit, and in this occurrence no activity administration can be a negative. The system would probably encounter extensive log jam amid top periods.

A few suppliers organize gaming activity, and this should ensure predictable speeds notwithstanding amid occupied periods. However there are dangers that some piece of the gaming activity is miscategorised as distributed or other punished movement writes, bringing about more terrible execution.


Quality and Technical Support

Quick and responsive broadband can in any case be terrible for gamers in the event that you have connection downtime or if specialized help are ineffectual or inaccessible when you do have issues.

Gamers are probably going to need all around prepared technical support staff who can help with master issues, as opposed to call focus staff who dependably take after a similar content. Support by means of live talk, web-based social networking or email can likewise be a special reward. Additionally check to ensure bolster is free and accessible day and night, not simply amid available time.


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Would it be advisable for you to utilize a wireless or Ethernet connection?

Every broadband supplier will supply a router fit for supporting both Wi-Fi and wired connections. For most gaming broadband users Wi-Fi will be sufficient, despite the fact that a wired Ethernet connection is probably going to offer little advantages as far as speed and security.

This is particularly valid if your console or PC is situated in a far corner of your home and doesn’t get as solid a connection with the Wi-Fi router. For portable gaming, you will obviously be utilizing Wi-Fi. Microwave stoves and notwithstanding blazing pixie lights can likewise cause remote issues. Ofcom give a Wi-Fi checker application to enable you to check whether your remote system’s functioning admirably.

There are a number of website that check different routers available to see if they really live up to the bill or a lacking in performance, it is definitely worth using these sites as a reference before buying a router. In the event that it doesn’t get solid audits you should need to consider purchasing your own — better — router, however  you ought to likewise know that a few gaming broadband plan suppliers don’t allow you to purchase and use your own outside router with their connection.


Would it be a good idea for you to pick fiber or standard broadband?

Fiber broadband offers altogether quicker download and transfer speeds than a standard broadband offerings.

As we’ve seen, quicker download speeds are attractive, regardless of whether they’re not basic. Quicker transfers are more valuable, particularly on the off chance that you need to utilize spilling administrations like Twitch or YouTube Gaming.

Fiber broadband additionally has a tendency to perform better for inactivity. This is especially valid for fiber-to-the-home administrations, for example, those gave by Hyperoptic.



We hope you have found this article helpful in helping you get a great broadband gaming plan in New Zealand. Perhaps the key take away from this is that speed should not be measured in only download and upload speeds and you should consider latency and packet loss and major factors to your decision.