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6 things to consider when getting broadband in New Zealand

Getting the right broadband plan for your specific need and requirements can be tricky in New Zealand. There are a few unique elements to internet in New Zealand that should be considered when you compare broadband and when selecting the right broadband deal. The biggest factor that will typically impact your decision on getting broadband in New Zealand is broadband availability at your address. Another major factor when comparing broadband or looking for cheap broadband in NZ is which broadband companies operate in your region. Below is our list of factors that we thing need to be considered when getting broadband in NZ.

1. What can you actually get?
There are many broadband plans on offer in New Zealand and myCompare has listed over 1000 of them for you to compare. However not all broadband plans will be available at your address. There are 3 main types of broadband in New Zealand, these are ADSL, VDSL and Fibre Optic broadband. These broadband networks cover most of the country but the network may not be available where you live yet. Also different broadband providers may not supply all the types of broadband available even if the infrastructure is there. Also because there are 4 major fibre optic broadband infrastructural providers in the country a company that wants to provide broadband to every home needs to connect with all 4 networks and unfortunately many do not. This means that if you do have access to ultra fast broadband and the company you like offers fibre broadband it doesn’t necessarily mean they can offer it to you. In most cases you can simply compare broadband then select the broadband you want.

2. The difference between ADSL, VDSL and Fibre Broadband
Broadband providers will offer various different broadband plans based on the main types of broadband available in New Zealand. When you compare it’s important to know the difference so that your broadband matches your needs. ADSL broadband works on a copper line infrastructure and therefore fits in nicely with a country’s existing phone network. ADSL broadband on average offers down speeds of up to 24mbps and up speeds of 1mbps. This would cover the needs of the average house. However just because ADSL is the slowest it doesn’t mean it is the cheapest, often broadband providers can offer a faster fibre broadband plan for cheaper. VDSL, is the powered up version of ADSL, working on the same network. Typical speeds can be a download of 70mbps and an upload of 10mbps. VDSL is typically the most expensive broadband plan around. Fibre Optic broadband will soon reach all homes across New Zealand. It’s super fast broadband plans are very competitive and are often cheaper than ADSL.

3. The Data Allowance
Most people compare for and would prefer broadband that offers unlimited data allowance simply for the peace of mind. But unlimited broadband plans are always the most expensive and sometimes people are paying for more than they use. However if you compare broadband using our filter system you could find unlimited broadband for the same or cheaper prices than capped broadband. Finally The data allowance to broadband speed relationship is also something that needs to be carefully considered as if the broadband speed is faster most people end up doing a lot more online and using more data.

4. Setup fees, Cancellation Fees and Relocation Fees
When you compare broadband on myCompare there are three main fees other than your monthly subscription fee that need to be considered. Setup fees are the fees that need to be paid to the broadband provider in order to setup the broadband service that you want at your house. Sometimes you will also have to pay for a broadband modem or purchase your own. For most long term contracts the provider will not charge you anything. But if you opt for a no term contract free plan you will almost always have to pay a setup fee. A fix set up fee is rarely disclosed as providers don’t know how much it will cost them as it varies from location to location. Setup fees can exceed $300. If you opt for a fixed contract you will almost always have to pay a cancellation fee, these fees often increase as the contract length increases and become a serious consideration. For business broadband plans some providers will demand either the whole or a portion of the remaining months left on a contract. When changing address often your existing provider follow you to your new address but they may charge a relocation fee.

5. The length of the contract
Generally the longer the contract length the cheaper things become and the more free things you get, such as instillation, a modem etc and vise versa. So if you are planning on sticking to one place and one provider for a long time then consider a longer contract to benefit from the lower prices and free perks. The problem is that you never truly know a broadband provider until you try them and you can’t try them without taking out a contract with them. This is why its important to compare broadband and it could be an idea to take out a open term contract to first try a provider, and then switch to long term if you’re happy.

We believe the above highlights how important it is for you to compare plans before you buy. The ability to compare broadband not only saves money but helps you find the most suitable broadband. Some of the best broadband deals are provided by new, up and coming broadband providers, so if you are on the hunt for cheap broadband plans it is important to compare broadband on myCompare in order to find the broadband plan that is right for you. Please note the above points are for guidance only and you should always thoroughly read your providers terms and conditions and offer summary before making any decisions. It is unlikely though not impossible for a provider to come up with their own new pricing structure which we have yet to compare. We hope this was helpful and informative and good luck finding the right broadband for you on the myCompare broadband site.

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