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6 things to consider when booking a hotel

Booking your hotel is perhaps the most important decision of any holiday or stay away from home. Whether you are after a hotel, hostel or home stay, your home away from home can be the difference between an active enjoyable time away and an exhausting experience. If you are only stopping off for one night then getting a cheap hotel can be logical, but for the longer holidays it is important to put more consideration into the accommodation you are booking. So here is our guide to hotel booking NZ.

1. The exact location of the hotel
When it comes to the location of the hotel or accommodation you are staying in, there are a number of things to consider before you book your hotel. First off it is important to know the exact location of the hotel when hotel booking. This may seem like a simple ask but in reality many people book their hotels based on just a rough idea of the area it is in. This is why it is important to look up the exact location on the map when hotel booking, otherwise all your plans based around the rough location of the hotel you booked could be wrong. You should also consider the location of the booked hotel from the airport, as the travel time to and from the airport is time deducted from your holiday. This is especially the case when hotel booking for short trips. If your are only booking your hotel for a weekend away, then a couple of hours to and from the airport can make a massive difference on your holiday itinerary. This is why it is important to know where your hotel is before you book. On myCompare you can use the map feature to give you the exact location of the hotel your are booking. This way you will know exactly where the hotel is when hotel booking, and you can make all the necessary arrangements. Airport shuttles are also a common feature of tourist and popular destinations and should be considered when hotel booking. If the hotel has an airport shuttle, that could save you considerable time when you first arrive at your destination as well as save you a lot of stress and personal well-being. This may not be a major consideration if you are traveling to Christchurch or Auckland airport and know the area well, but if you are going abroad to a country that speaks a different language then having this prearranged is a massive bonus. In some cases if the hotel is considerably far away from the airport or even on another island the cost of travel can be very large. When hotel booking and traveling on a budget this is an important consideration as you can find yourself spending a lot of money before you have even started your holiday. The final location related consideration is where the hotel is in relation to all the places you want to visit and the activities that you want to do. This consideration may be in contradiction to the previous hotel consideration as when hotel booking there is no point being close to the airport, if the airport itself is a million miles from the city or area you want to be in. Again when hotel booking nz make sure you are not spending most of your time traveling because the hotel you booked is too far away.

2. The Internet connection
In today’s interconnect and interactive world you don’t have to be a business man to want a good internet connection at the hotel you have booked. Whether it’s to send those all important emails or to post the pictures of your latest escapades on Instagram, there’s nothing worse than arriving at a hotel with no or poor internet. This is why its important to check if the hotel you are booking has an internet connection and if the speed offered is sufficient. If you are traveling around New Zealand or Europe then most hotels will have a reasonably good connection so long as they have internet. If however you are hotel booking in part of the developing world then you need to check if the hotel has internet and what type of connection they have. You can easily find this out when comparing hotels with myCompare, as this info is visible for all hotels. If you are really particular about the internet you will be getting at your hotel you can enquire about the connection type at the hotel when hotel booking. When booking in New Zealand the different connections available are ADSL, VDSL and Fibre internet. More information about the difference between the broadband types available can be found in our blog. Generally speaking hotels will have Fibre internet but you can double check to make sure. This is particularly important to digital nomads who rely on a fast internet connection in order to work on the go. This consideration also applies to hostels and home stays. One way to improve the internet access you have at the hotel you have booked is to request direct access via ethernet cable. Most connection speeds in hotels is reduced due to the WiFi signal having to go through walls and steel before it reaches your laptop or phone. Requesting direct access can greatly increase the strength of your internet. It should be noted thought that it is very rare that the hotel will accommodate this request, but it’s worth a shot. Following on from this point and perhaps a more realistic consideration when hotel booking, and more when checking in to your hotel is to find out your location to and distance to the WiFi access point. A simple way to improve your internet speed is to request a room closer to the WiFi access point in your hotel. Being that little bit closer can make your upload and download speed as much as double.

3. Price
To save money on your hotel booking NZ its important to use a price comparison website. MyCompare hotel comparison allows you to search hundreds of different hotels, apartments, hostels, home stays and bed and breakfasts to find you the best deal possible. Simply use the search form above to start finding cheap hotels. Using a price comparison website can help you save money on all types of hotels, whether they are premium 5 start hotels or hostels, myCompare can help. Many wrongly assume that price comparison websites only help booking hotels that are cheap, but in reality myCompare hotel comparison can help you find great hotel booking deals on 5 star hotels and resorts too. A further price consideration that often catches people out when hotel booking is last minute taxes and booking fees that appear last minute on booking portals and hotel websites. This can be extremely frustrating if you are hotel booking, think you have found the hotel you want and the hotel is in budget, only to find out that there are extra fees when you are booking. The great thing about myCompare hotel booking is that you get all this info upfront without any headaches. So you can book your hotel in the knowledge that the price shouldn’t change. You can get some great hotel booking last minute deals if you know where to look. For hotels no matter how flashy they are an empty room is money lost. That’s why you can get amazing last minutes deals when booking hotels, by using myComapre hotel booking. A quick comparison for your chosen date can show you discounts of up to 50% off your hotel booking. Another great way to save on hotel booking is with group discount rates. Going back to the previous point, hotels will give you great discounts if it means you take more rooms and fill up rooms that would have otherwise been left empty. To find such deals simply enter the number of people in your group and the search function will automatically show results that apply. It’s that simple to get great group deals on hotel booking nz. One final point that is particularly useful if you are a couple is that the hotel booking price for 2 people is generally same as one. So if you are a couple you can spend a little more and split the cost between you. This may seem like an obvious point but it is actually lost on a lot of people.

4. Accommodation Type
When booking accommodation for your next trip you should consider what type of accommodation you are after. There are a number of types of accommodation that you can choose from when booking on any website such as myCompare hotels. Depending on which accommodation you choose you will get different types of services and facilities as well as a different vibe at your place. Hotels are typically the top of the bunch in terms of quality and services, but also in price. Hotels can come in the form of small stand alone buildings or entire resorts complete with multiple restaurants, bars and spas. Hotels typically offer daily room service in the form of cleaning and bringing food to your door. Higher range hotels offer many more services including laundry pickups and in room massages. It’s important to know that when it comes to saving money on your hotel booking the same rule applies as any kind of accommodation, so long as you are using a price comparison website such as myCompare Hotels, you stand to save a lot of money. Hostels are generally considered at the complete opposite end of the spectrum to hotels, as the cheaper less comfortable booking option. But this isn’t necessarily true as many hostels are now offering private rooms and a good amount of comfort for a slash of the price. Using myCompare hotels when hostel booking can find you great prices for hostel rooms that range from large mixed dorms to 5 star hostels. The great thing about hostels of course is the social aspect of meeting people and forming a group. Home stays are a great option if you want to get to know the locals better and have sounds advice and support. Home stays are comfortable rooms that vary in size and features that are within a local families home. It’s sort of like a mini hotel with a home feel. Home stays are a great mid range option between hotels and hostels and come highly recommended from myComapre Hotels. Another note worthy type of accommodation are bed and breakfasts. These generally swing in quality from something like a hostel to very flush 5 start hotels. When booking bed and breakfast it’s important to find out where exactly that particular bed and breakfast lays on that quality scale. Other than that they are a great choice for any type of travel, and of course typically come with breakfast. The final note worthy type of accommodation are boutique hotels. When hotel booking via myCompare keep an eye out for these great options and what they offer. These little gems can make your stay at your destination that much more enjoyable. But do note that most boutique places offer a slight premium for the effort the owners have put into customizing the place.

5. Room Type
There are generally 6 broad room types that can be found in most places that offer accommodation. When hotel booking nz be sure to keep an eye out for these different types of rooms to ensure you are booking something that meets your requirements. The list below is in rough price order too, although smaller rooms at more expensive hotels can often cost more that a double at a cheap hotel. Single rooms are the minimum sleep requirement room for one person traveling alone. This kind of room is becoming less common to find as most places either offer two singles or a double as standard options. Single rooms are by definition single bed rooms, these can be en-suite or have shared facilities depending if your are hotel booking or hostel booking. Twin rooms are slightly larger rooms with two single beds instead of one. Twin beds are a great option for friends traveling and looking to save over getting two separate singles or awkwardly sharing a double. Twin rooms will typically be a little more expensive than a single and cheaper than a double bed room. Double rooms are the standard rooms for individuals or couples. When hotel booking this will be the standard and most common room available with the most options and price ranges. If you are booking a double bed room you can make some serious savings using a price comparison website like myCompare Hotels. Couples going halves on expenses stand to save the most when hotel booking double rooms. King size rooms are a step up from a standard double. Sometimes referred too as premium double or deluxe double, king size rooms typically feature larger rooms with larger beds. You can also expect a bathtub in your en-suite. Triple rooms consists of a combination of either a double and a single or 3 singles. This room for three is good for couples with a kid or a group of 3. Many if not most hotels don’t have triple rooms so you may find your self needing to book a twin and a single. If you are a couple and have a guest child and can’t get a triple room, many hotels offer a pull out bed or a couch as a temporary solution. The final step up from a king or deluxe room are suites. Suites come in various forms and sizes with an unlimited amount of exuberance depending on the hotel you choose. Typically only found in hotels, suites are the ultimate hotel experience, but that doesn’t mean they are completely out of the average persons reach. Check on myCompare Hotel price comparison and you may just find yourself a suite at a fraction of the cost of the typical price. Now that’s clever hotel booking nz.

6. Room Facilities
There is an extremely large number of features and facilities that a room can have. Many of these are listed on the myCompare Hotel booking portal and can be found when hotel booking. Below is a list of hotel booking room facilities and a brief explanation of each.

Non-smoking rooms: This is particularly relevant if you are traveling outside of New Zealand where smoking in public places in not against the law. In these situation you may want to ask for a non-smoking room. Even though no one will be smoking in the room when you are in there, staying in a room that previously had someone smoking in it can be a problem for some as the smell often remains in carpets and fabrics throughout the room.
The size of the hotel room: We have previously discussed different room types, but among these types there is considerable variation in room size based on the hotel you have booked. If hotel room size is important, it is best to inquire directly with the hotel or carefully examine the images provided of each room when hotel booking.
Private bathroom: This consideration applies more to booking hostels than other accommodation types. For many people a private bathroom is essential when booking a room. If you are one of these kind of people you need to insure that the room has a private bathroom clearly indicated when hostel booking. This applies both for hotels and hostels in New Zealand and abroad.
Air-Conditioning/ Heating: Dependent on the climate you intend to travel to you may want air conditioning and heating in the hotel room you have booked in order to make your stay more comfortable. In some cases this may be essential due to extreme heat or cold. For example if you are heading to Queenstown in the winter you almost definitely need some form of heating at your place.
Hotel toiletries and facilities: For those who like the finer things in life free additional toiletries in the room are essential. This is your shower gels and creams along with towels, robes and fluffy slippers. It is hard to determine exactly what toiletries will be there when booking but it is safe to assume that as the start rating of the hotel increases so do the luxuries. Luxurious facilities include walk in showers, bath tubs and hot tubs.
Complimentary hotel breakfast: Keep an eye out for complimentary breakfasts when hotel booking. Knowing exactly where you are getting your breakfast can be a great start to the day and save you time in the morning. This means more time for travel and adventure. If however you feel you know the area well it may be a good idea to opt out of hotel breakfast, save some money and try a local place for breakfast.
Full board/ half-board: Following on from the added breakfast consideration, many hotels offer full board and half board options. Full board typically means that all your meals are covered in your booking cost and are available to you at your hotel. In some cases hotels will have arrangements with near by restaurants for you to have a bit of variety. Half board is typically either breakfast and lunch or just breakfast with a few extra snacks and drinks. This consideration is particularly important when hotel booking if you plan to stay on a re

And that’s it for our essential guide to booking hotels in New Zealand for stays in NZ and abroad. There may be a number of other things that you need to also consider when hotel booking but this guide should get you off to a very good robust start. Remember to save money and get the best deals when hotel booking visit myCompare Hotels.

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