Top 5 best student broadband plans in NZ 2016

By October 5, 2017Broadband, Guides

As a student, when starting university for the first time and moving into your first privately rented house or flats can be a pretty hectic time. Finding the right broadband plan for you and your mates is when extra burden you could do without. Having said that we all know how important internet is to our lives, with all the family Face Time and series watching on Netflix, among other things (ahem ahem), the last thing you want is for your broadband to be too slow or for your data allowance to finish and catch you with your pants down (literally). Do not fear we’ve gone through myCompare’s hundreds of listed broadband plans and picked out our top 5 that we feel are perfect for students in uni. If you’d like to perform your own search with your specific criteria click on the broadband links above to start comparing.

Alas lets begin!

5. The Compass ADSL naked, unlimited data, student deal – $85/month
Compass have been around for a while and are generally a good provider when it comes to customer service and connection. This year they’ve come up with a 8 month broadband plan that’s ideal for students who are only around for term time but want the benefits of having a fixed contract. You also get a free Compass mobile SIM and $30 bucks welcome credit to set you straight for your year of Uni. All this for $85 a month and no setup fee. The negatives of this deal are that you’ll need to provide your own modem and if you change your mind and decide to cancel halfway through the year there’s a cancellation fee of $199. Also ADSL is just about the slowest type of internet in the country.

4. The MyRepublic Renters for Students plan – $89.99/month
First off this plan comes with a free 6 pack, I’m not sure that should be a factor when considering broadband but there you have it. This is a 6 month plan that offers unlimited broadband with free moves, free setup, a free countdown gift card and a loan modem or router. All on a Fibre 100mbps broadband line (1000/500mbs for the lucky sods in Dunedin) at the cost of $89.99 per month and no setup fee. If you can’t get Fibre they’ll give you VDSL temporarily till you can. Negatives are again a cancellation fee of $199 and if you loose the modem they give you it’ll cost you $69.99.

3. Skinny Prepay broadband with 60GB data – $55/month
Skinny are currently offering the easiest and cheapest broadband in town. Simply plug the modem they provide you into any socket and enjoy 4G mobile on the Skinny network. Its $55 a month for 60GB and then you top up as required after that. The positives of this deal are that you simply plug in and go, this gives you flexibility as your not tied to one place. It also comes on a open term NO contract basis with no cancellation fee. Negatives are the $199 setup fee and that 4G over the mobile network is generally slower than line broadband and is susceptible to network issues.

2. Unlimited Internet fibre 100/20 – $75/month
Unlimited internet are a relatively new service provider and are unknown to some. They offer a very fast fibre 100/20 package on a open term no contract basis for the attractive price of $75 per month. There is no cancellation fee and as far as we know they provide a good service. Downers are that you have to pay a $49 set up fee and you have to get your own modem.

1. Unlimited Internet fibre 30/10 – $70/month
In at first place is Unlimited Internet’s offer of ultra fast fibre 30/10mbps at the very tasty, student cash sensitive price, of $70 per month. Cheap, fast and flexible earns this broadband provider top spot in just about all our listings. There is no cancellation fee but again you’ll need to pay $49 to get setup and provide your own modem.

So there it is folks, hope you like our recommendations and as always do your home work before you put pen to paper. For hundreds more other plans check out the broadband section of the myCompare site.