Top 10 best broadband plans for a business in New Zealand 2016

By October 5, 2017Broadband, Guides

This article will outline our top 10 business broadband plans that we think are the best for the average New Zealand based business. In preparing this article we obviously have had to make certain assumptions about what a business needs or wants from its broadband plan. This of course is an impossible task given the wide variety of different industries and sectors that broadband companies operate in, which is why we have decided to stick to universal requirements that are needed regardless of the business type, such as price, flexibility and good customer support.

Below is a countdown of our top ten business broadband plans for 2016

10. Vodafone business broadband Fibre 200mbps Unlimited – $170
This plan from Vodafone has made our top ten because it’s pretty comprehensive when covering business needs. It comes with the super fast fibre 200mbps connection and unlimited data usage. It also comes with phone and free router on a 24 month contract all for $170 per month. The setup is free but early termination will cost you $199.

9. MyRepublic Business Essentials 200/200 – $150
This plan follows suit from the Vodafone plan above and provides a comprehensive service, with fast fibre 200/200mbps, free connection, free router and unlimited data all for $150 per month. Not only that but this plan comes with not one, but two phone lines, which is a boost for a lot of businesses that don’t want an intricate phone network. It is however on a 24 month contract and early termination costs $299.

8. Vodafone business fibre 200 with 200GB – $120
In eighth place is Vodafone again with a fibre 200mbps plan, this time however with 200GB of data. This plan is suited for those who don’t necessarily have a large use for the internet but when they do need the internet they want it to be as fast as possible. This plan comes on a 24 month contract with phone line and free router for $120 per month and free setup. As before early termination will cost your business $199.

7. Spark professional business with fibre 30mbps – $120
Coming in at seventh is this plan from Spark. It’s seems the big telcos think alike as this plan is very similar to the Vodafone plan above except there is a trade of with speed which 30mbps in stead of Vodafones 200mbps. In return you get 500GB of data allowance which (depending on your business) is more than enough for most. This plan comes with phone, free setup and free router. It comes on a 24 month plan and will cost you $120 per month and an extra $299 if you decide to cancel early.

6. Trustpower business adls with phone line – $45
Yes thats right only $45 per month will get you a business broadband plan. Of Trustpower’s extensive range we have chosen this plan in our top ten as it allows smaller business with a tighter budget to at least get a broadband plan and phone connection. The plan comes with only 25GB of data but for the price that is good, considering you get a free connection, phone and free router. It is however a 24 month plan on the slowest ADSL speed. Early termination is a little complicated with Trustpower as they will charge you 10% of your average monthly usage for the remaining months of your contract.

5. MyRepublic business essentials 100/50mbps naked – $100
Just making our top 5 is this plan from MyRepublic that offers a great deal for only $100 per month. This includes a fast fibre 100mbps connection, unlimited data allowance, free router and free connection. One thing it does not offer however is a phone line, which means if your business requires a line with its broadband that you’ll have to make other arrangements for that. This plan is on a 24 month contract and early cancellation cost $299.

4. HD business naked adsl 2 – $60
This plan from HD is flexibility personified. It is a open term, no contract ADSL 2 plan that works an a pay as you go basis. HD charge 89c per GB on top of a flat rate $60 per month. The plan comes with no phone or router so you’ll have to sort those separately if you need them. You’ll also need to pay a $25 set up fee but the great news is that you can cancel with 30 days notice without any charge.

3. Wanna Internet business fibre 30/10mbps – $119
In with the bronze medal is this flexible and comprehensive plan from Wanna Internet. The plan has everything your business could need including ultra fast fibre broadband 30/10mbps, unlimited data, phone line, free router and the freedom of a open term no contract plan. The plan cost $119 per month and $199 to setup but there is no early cancellation fee.

2. MyRepublic Business Essentials 100/50mbps – $110
This plan comes with a fast UFB 100/50mbps connection, phone line, free router and free connection at an affordable $110 per month. This plan is however on a 24 month minimum plan and early termination costs $299. The speed however is among the best you can get for your business and the data usage allowed is unlimited meaning $110 is all you will ever pay.

1. MyRepublic Home Office 100/50mbps – $100
In at top spot is MyRepublic with their home office plan that is similar to the above plan but on a 24 month contract. In exchange you save $10 per month meaning you only have to pay $100 per month. Free phone, router and installation comes as standard and you get unlimited data. Although early contract termination costs $299 all things considered we believe this is the best business deal out there.

There you have it. A list of our top 10 that if anything can be used as guidance. For more specific business needs contact the provider direct. If you would like to view and compare hundreds more business broadband plans visit our business broadband section which can be accessed from the menu above.