Tips on how the get the best cheapest broadband in NZ

New Zealand has thousands of broadband plans and hundreds of broadband providers to choose from so if you are after the cheapest broadband nz that meets your criteria you would traditionally need to research a significant number of websites. Lucky for you can help you find and compare the cheapest broadband nz in seconds as we do the hard work for you. It’s important to know however what exactly yo are after. If money is the prime criteria for you then you may want to find the cheapest broadband NZ full stop. But for most people they want a broadband plan that meets their criteria and basic needs and then want to find the cheapest broadband plan available that meets that criteria. So here is our guide to help you find that perfect plan for you and save you money, so you can cut down on those monthly bills.

What is broadband

First off lets do a quick recap on what broadband is before we get into how you can get the cheapest broadband nz. Broadband simply put is an internet connection that is passed to your home via either a copper cable or a newer fibre optic cable. Broadband provides a broader band of data transfer than the old school dial up internet and is typically faster than mobile data and satellite internet transfer. The common form of internet access now in NZ is fibre broadband which is the fastest and most modern available broadband technology. It’s important to point out that broadband is just the internet connection, Wifi and the strength of the wifi connection is determined by the wireless router that you have. Some broadband providers provide you with a router for free or offer an option for you to buy one from them. Others require you to pop down to your local electronic store and purchase one that meets your broadband specs. ADSL, VDSL and fibre connections all require you to buy specific routers and same router cannot be used for a different connection type.

Compare broadband

If you are after the cheapest broadband for your particular requirements (as we all are) then needless to stay you need to compare broadband plans to find the cheapest. Whether you are after an unlimited broadband fibre plan or a ADSL package with a home phone you could spend hours online bouncing around different provider websites till you find the cheapest broadband nz. This is where cans save you a lot of money when you compare broadband nz as we have already done the hard work for you. Compare hundreds of plans instantly and filter the results according to your phone, broadband, data and contract requirements. Results are automatically sorted into price order for you, so you will see the cheapest broadband plan first. If you are looking to cut down on your monthly bills broadband is an area where you can save a couple hundred dollars a year if you compare broadband with and get the cheapest broadband nz.

Avoid premium packages

If you are after the cheapest broadband nz then you need to avoid premium broadband plans and packages. Premium broadband comes in many forms and are provided by many of the larger more reputable providers. These plans that typically are on more long term broadband contract come with all the works, included free router, phone lines with many free minutes, free connection and so on. It’s important to note that you can still get all the above without paying a premium price. If you compare broadband getting a package with all the options and getting the cheapest broadband is possible. Premium plans are those extra expensive plans that make promises that are at the time effectively intangible such as a “premium service and customer support”. This is not to say that they do not really have “5 star” customer service but the point is that even the cheapest broadband deals can have really good customer service along with the rest of your broadband requirements.

Switching broadband can save

The broadband industry in New Zealand is constantly evolving and growing in competition. This means that there are constantly newer deals and promotions the offer cheaper broadband plans. These plans are often offered to new customers in order for broadband companies to attract new customers, new business and new fees. This unfortunately means that as an existing customer you will probably not be eligible for your existing providers best deals and promotions. This is why switching can help you get the cheapest broadband nz. Not only does switching help you get the cheapest broadband because you get access to special cheap promotions available to new customers but because broadband providers are constantly producing better cheaper broadband in an increasingly competitive environment. Unfortunately this means that sticking with your existing provider means you miss out on the cheapest broadband nz. This in fairness isn’t always the case but you will need to contact your existing provider directly to see if they will give you their new promotions.

Faster advertised speed doesn’t mean faster broadband

This may seem counter intuitive but the point here is that there are a number of factors the impact the end internet speed that you experience. If you are after the cheapest broadband nz then you should consider all of these factors if you want faster internet rather than jumping to the conclusion that you need to spend more money on a faster internet connection. Needless to say, all things considered getting a faster internet connection should improve your internet speed but if you after the cheapest broadband nz that will meet your internet usage needs then you may be able to get that without upgrading. Other factors that you should consider include the modem/router that you are using, the number of devices in the household and the type and age of that devices in the household, the WiFi signal strength and of course the distance of your house from the data exchange. Your distance from the exchange isn’t something you can do much about but the main area where you can see significant improvements is in the WiFi signal strength. Relocating or simply re-positioning your router to a position where there is a clear line of sight between your device and the router can make a vast improvement. Also for wireless access in other rooms or other floors in the household getting a WiFi booster can greatly increase the WiFi strength in bedrooms. The ideal way to ensure that there is no loss of speed due to WiFi is to connect directly to the modem or router via an Ethernet cable. If the distance is too far for an Ethernet cable the using an electric socket connection is the ideal alternative. Electric socket internet connections transfer internet from your router to a device via the households electric wiring. Although this may seem bizarre it actually works and is superior to a wireless signal. With these few improvements you can find that your internet connection is actually good enough and that you already have the cheapest broadband deal for you.

check your broadband speed

Following on from the previous point, you should really check that you are getting the correct internet speed that you are supposed to be getting and that you are paying for. If you want the cheapest broadband zn before jumping to the conclusion that you need to upgrade to a faster internet package you should check if your provider is giving you the correct speed, or at least close. The problem is that a broadband provider only needs to surveys 10% of their customers to be able to claim that their broadband plan delivers a certain speed. So if you are on a ADSL plan that promises download speeds of up to 25Mbps and you are only getting 3Mbps (this actually happens) then you need to speak to your provider to ensure that download speed you are getting is closer to the advertised amount. Even if these means they only increase the broadband speed to 9Mbps you would have tripled your broadband download speed. In your pursuit for the cheapest broadband nz this could mean not having to upgrade to a VDSL plan and saving your self anywhere between $120 to $300 on your annual household bills.

Always aim for unlimited data or it will cost you

When trying to compare and find the cheapest broadband deals in NZ many people fall into the trap of getting a data capped plan. Data capped plans such as those offering 100GB or 200GB per month often seem like a good idea as the customers estimate their usage to be no more than a specific amount. Now this would be a good assuming you can actually estimate how much data you need accurately and stay under that limit, but this isn’t ideal for a number of reasons. The first is that most people go over their monthly data limit and end up paying extremely high rates for extra data, and by the end of the month they would have been better off taking an unlimited plan as it would have been cheaper and they would have had the peace of mind of not having to monitor their usage. Another perhaps more relevant point is the fact that in most cases today an unlimited internet data plan is cheaper that a capped plan. Capped plans are often offered by larger providers who more often than not charge more than unlimited data plan with a smaller cheaper provider.

Always get fibre if you can

Again similarly to capped data plans mentioned above, fibre plans are often cheaper that ADSL plans and VDSL plans, as well as typically being faster. There are a few fibre 30mbps plans that are slower than VDSL but those are dying out and providers are generally offering the fibre 100mbps plan as the basic broadband plan. So since fibre is cheaper, faster and the future, if you can get fibre at your address it’s really a no brainer. For those waiting for fibre to reach their address, do not fret! There are some great offerings from providers such as MyRepublic that give great value plans for those switching from ADSL and VDSL to fibre for the first time. So as soon as fibre is available at your address you can make the switch. And in the mean time there are some really great value ADSL and VDSL plans offered by the likes of Flip to keep you going until fibre arrives at your address.

Do you really need a phone line?

This is a big question that could typically save you $10 a month that most people never ask them selves, that $120 a year! Long gone are the days where you need a phone line to get basic documentation and government stuff done. Nowadays most things are done online, so saving money on a phone line and putting it towards a faster internet connection is typically money better spent. And for everything that requires a phone call a mobile phone is more than an adequate substitute. Ultimately this is one of those things that you need to decide for yourself but remember

If you are tied to a contract haggle for a better deal or existing promotion.

This rarely works but is definitely worth a shot. Many people read this article or compare broadband on myCompare only to discover that they are paying way to much for broadband. To make matters worse they are tied into a 2 year contract that they have only recently started. It is worth a shot calling your provider and explaining to them that there is a much better deal that their competitor is offering and that you feel you are entitled to a better more competitive deal. It most likely won’t work but it just may. Either way it is definitely worth a shot.

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